Tell a Small Lie, Loose My Business
A Cautionary Tale From The World Of P.R.
By Mike Lipshultz and Tyler Harwood

We don’t know about you folks but we don’t really care to be lied to.  Or even intentionally mislead.  Now we understand in marketing one needs creativity to catch a person’s attention.  We also understand that one may feel pressured to get attention for one’s goods or services and so on.

But come on!  Do you really think anyone likes being  played the fool!  Do you think we will just think, OK they are playing games, and think we will not notice it, but lets do business with them.  Or lets give them a free plug!

Well congratulations to you folks over at  , we are giving you that “free” plug.  Most likely not the one you wanted though!

We received an email that read (in part) as:

From: Alyson 
Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2012 8:03 PM
Subject: Pleasure Meeting You the Other Day

Hello Mike, it was a pleasure meeting you recently at the networking event. It's always great to get out to meet new people, exchange ideas and refer business among peers.  I'm sure you're wading through your pile of business cards not ……………..

Warm regards,
Paul Dutch

Well lets see this was marked as coming from an Alyson, but strangely it reads as from a Paul Dutch… I find that strange.  Strange enough in the world of email to definitely not trust it.  It also talks about us meeting at a recent event.  Well we had no recollection of that. And could find no trace of any event that we had attended with their organization.  So we did find their web site and looked it over.  Nope no recollection of ever dealing with this agency or going to one of their events.  So Alyson, you are mistaken, we have not meet at a recent event…

Or are you just using “BS” to get a free plug for you, your company, or a client?  Well here you go, you got it.  Hope you like it!

We strongly recommend to anyone, don’t play emails games to market yourself.  Don’t use “BS” to make someone think they know you.  Over the internet you come across looking like Scammers.

So is Alyson and her company scammers or just misunderstood good folks?  Well, we simply don’t know.  But they did rub us the wrong way. And made a bad first impression!

Had they been straight up with us, we may have helped them out.

So folks, don’t play games.  Be straight up, make a good impression.  Trust me it will make you look better then the game playing.

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