This month, BizNet OnLine Magazine launches its new campaign, "Take Five".

I recently spent four days with two children of triplets age 13, a beautiful boy and girl, living in the area near me. These children have an estranged father and a work-all-day mother. The children also have a sister who has Downs Syndrome, as well as three other siblings, six years older.

On an adventure to our weekend home on the Colorado River, my fiancée and I took the two 13-year-olds and I found that they did not stop talking to us the entire trip. From the time we left our home in the Los Angeles area all the way down to the Colorado River, they never stopped!

Since they live in my area, my home has become their second home, and they spend many hours visiting with me or just hanging out. And, of course, it occurred to me that they have no one to talk to, so they talk to me, telling me everything that's going on in their lives. As my fiancée and I have no children, we enjoy their company and don't mind them coming around.

Feeling badly that these children have very few people to talk with and to communicate what's going on in their lives, we realized that there must be many other children in the same situation. So we decided to start the "Take Five" campaign.

Is all about the relationship between you and your kids: Kids "2 to 42". It makes no difference. It's none of our business what's going on in your children's lives; it's your business.
Is all about dropping what you are doing right now, this very minute, turning around and talking to your children for five minutes. That's it!

If you're reading BizNet Online Magazine right now at your home, stop, take a minute, turn around, and ask your child how their day was.

If you're reading BizNet Online Magazine right now at your office, stop, take a minute, pick up the telephone, call your kids, and just let them know you're thinking about them.

Just following these "Take Five" simple steps will enhance your life, as well as your children's, tenfold.

What are you waiting for? TAKE FIVE...

Drop what you are doing right now, turn around or pick up the telephone and give your children five minutes.

Have a great day!

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