Now You Can See The Discount…
Saving On Your Prescription Glasses.

By Mike Lipshultz

If you wear prescription eyewear and want to save some money… In some cases BIG money then you need to read this!

Personally I have been wearing glasses for over 50 years, so I have bought a lot of glasses.  Also due to my prescription, my glasses are never cheep!  You see If I do not order those high end “thin” lenses my glasses would have that “Coke bottle” look to them.  Add to that, that I go with a no line progressive, and even at places like Costco or Sam’s Club, using “cheep” or free frames, a pair of glasses can run me easily over $300.00!  And again, due to my prescription the lenses must always be done at an “outside” facility and can not be done in house or in one day.

I have bought glasses at discount shops, membership clubs, and even in Mexico.  But those were all done face to face.  This year I did it differently.  I bought my glasses online and saved a ton of money!  And you can to!

So read on and see your way to saving big!

Come-on, buying prescription eyewear online!  Like how does that work????  Well first if you are going to do this, it really is easy, but you should follow some simply guidelines. 

To make sure you get the right fit and so on here is the trick to making it work.  Get an updated eye exam.  Make sure you have your Papillary Distance measured and put on your prescription.  There should never be an extra charge to do this.  Also there should be no extra charge to give you your written Rx.  Now you can measure your Papillary Distance yourself, but if you make a mistake it is one you.  And you really should start with a fresh prescription, so let the ophthalmologist note it on your prescription.

Also look at a pair of glasses you have that fit you well.  Most likely on one of the temples, on the inside, you will find several numbers.  If you “like” the way they fit, just use those numbers to find and select the frames that will fit you as nicely.

This web page at 39DollarGlasses explains it well.

So how will your “new” glasses look on you?  Well most online retailers actually have a way to upload a photo of yourself, and then you can “see” different frames on your face!  Not bad!

The hardest part of doing this, is simply over coming doing something you have not done before.  Is it worth doing? You bet it is!

I saved hundreds of dollars on my glasses.  I bought two pairs of glasses.  A high end pair from and a low end pair from .  Please read our test review article on buying from and dealing with these two companies called “Buying Glasses Online?  Yes, We Saw Big Savings!

So check things out for yourself.  It really is easy to do.  Great styles and selections to select from.  Great products and lens choices, and you can save big money!

In closing can you really get your glasses for “free”.  Well we found lots of web sites stating that they would give you your first pair free just for giving them a try.  They understandable limit the frames you can get.  They also do not give you any of the coatings for free.  We wanted to try a few of these “free” glasses.  But none of the glass wearers around here had a prescription that could qualify for those “free” glasses!

So most likely, no, you can’t get that so called “free” pair of glasses for free.
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