Prepaid Legal Plans….
Yes, They Can Be Worth It.

By Mike Lipshultz

As we talked about in our story on What You Don’t Know, Can Hurt You, Prepaid Legal Plans can save you a lot of misery. Simply because if you have one you will use it.

Anytime an issue comes up were you have a legal question, Bang, Just call your attorney. Or any issue were you know you are right, but the other guy will not do anything about the fact that well, ya, they shafted you… Call your attorney.

I personally used to have a legal plan, but I dropped out of it. Simply because I did not like the attorney that they had in my area. I would have replaced it, but I only knew of one plan. It was a well known plan, that is sold on a Multi-Level marketing manor.

A friend of a friend was selling it. So I tired it.

Well, guess what? There are lots of Prepaid plans out their. There are plus and minuses to each of them. Some only cover part of the country. Some are national. They differ in coverage and price. Some are sold to individuals. Some are sold to companies to offer as an employee benefit.

So here is a list of the ones I know of. Check them out and decide for yourself. As for me. I’m going to check them out myself. I’ll think I’ll try a few and do another story on what I found.

Prepaid Legal Plans:

AARP Legal Services Network (LSN)


Caldwell Legal, USA

Consolidated Legal Services, P.C.Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services

Grace Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

Hyatt Legal Plans

Legal Club of America

HYPERLINK "" \o "Legal Service Plans, Inc."Legal Service Plans, Inc.

Texas Legal

U.S. Legal Services

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