Saving Big Money On The Almost Latest And Best Cell Phones.  
Second Best Can Be A Lot Cheaper !

Recently here at BizNet we needed to replace one of our phones.  We had a very rugged and durable Motorola i335 on Boost Mobile’s Iden service.  But we needed to change and get off  the Iden side of things.  The coverage for us was just not working.  Long story short we decided to give Boost Mobile’s CDMA side a try.  It runs on the Sprint network.

But this meant we needed to buy a new phone.  One that would work on Boost’s CDMA side.  Well we did some research and found out we could get some Sprint phones to work on the Boost side of things. 

Well we really did not want to spend bucks on a phone and then find out we were not happy with the CDMA side, so we went looking for a cheep used phone on the internet.

It took some doing, and we did a lot of low bids on EBay, but we ended up with a nice used Palm Centro phone for about $20.00.  This is about a 3 year old phone.  But we get voice, a touch screen, keypad, camera, video camera, the internet, music, video (TV and Movies), and lots more.  In fact my nieces have it right now and are “YouTubing”.  Not bad for $20.00.  Now the phone is not perfect, it has a scratch here and there, etc.  But  it works fine and most folks would never know it was used.

And if I drop it and break it, I’m out less then what “insurance” on the phone would cost me.

The best way to get a good deal is to simply place a really low bid on all the listings you find that meet your needs.  Find a maximum and stick to it.  You can get real lucky.  It also depends on what phone you are looking for, but you will be very surprised with what you can find.

And if you are handy at fixing things (check out the “how to” videos on YouTube), you can do even better.  Find a phone with a broken screen, look to see how much a “new” screen is, and watch the “How To” video to see if you can do the work yourself.  Most broken phones go for as little as $10.00.  A lot of replacement screens are as low as $20.00 for the screen.

So, take some time.  Look at some used phones online, and think about making your next new phone a used phone.

After all, how long was your last new phone “new” before you dropped it?

Not sure what phone you want?  Not sure what phones will work with your service?  Then check out Howard Forums at

Need some more food for thought on going used, and not “new”… Well for your business how many cell phones have your employee’s totaled out?  For your family, how often does a family member kill a phone?

Another reason to get a used phone is to simply have it as a back up.  So if you kill your main phone, you have a back up ready to go!

Or do you sometimes go places that are hazardous to you phone?  Then leave the good one at home and take that old used one.

Oh, you don’t need to worry about wreaking a phone as you have insurance on it?  I’ll bet in most cases if you check the deductible or co-pay on a phone claim, and then check the price of a used one, you will find the used one cost less then the deductible!

Go head and check out some used phone prices on EBay.  There are actually companies on EBay that sell a lot of phones.  One of them alltechwholesale lists a lot of phones, working and not working for parts.  I have not dealt with them, but they have my curiosity, so maybe BizNet will do a more in-depth story on them.  But in the meantime check out their listings on EBay.

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