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BizNet Takes A Look At Some Hands Free Choices.
By Mike Lipshultz

Ready to hear what the best Bluetooth Headset is?

I’ll just bet you are, but the truth is, no matter what your budget is, there is no one best of anything!  Let alone Headsets.  You see everyone is deferent and has different needs, as such , the “best” for one person, could be a lousy choice for another.

So in finding the best headset for you, the first thing you need to think about is your budget.  Can you only afford $10.00?  Or can you let go of $100.00?  It makes a big difference in what you can get in the way of features.  Such as voice commands built into the headset, or even “App” compatibility.  Also low end units tend to only hook up to one phone or device at a time.  But as you go up in cost, you will find units that can pair with two or more devices at the same time.  Do you need that?  I don’t know, it depends on how you are planning on using it.

On units that pare with more then one device, you can use the same headset with two phones, or say one phone and one computer.  Say you are using it with your computer, and you get a cell phone call.  Well you just switch over to phone, and then back to the computer.

Better units also have better sound.  Not so much what you hear, but how the other person hears you.  Some units have two microphones in them.  One to pick up your voice.  The other to pick up back ground or wind noise.  Then software in the unit cleans up the sound so only your voice comes though nice and clear.  You can get units with “noise canceling” but to do it right, you really need one with two microphones.

So that is why you need to have an idea of your price range

The next most important thing is comfort.  If it is not comfortable your not going to like using it.  Now for the most part headsets seem to either have some sort of an in the ear fit, or on the ear fit.  The in the ear is the most common.  But comfort varies greatly from unit to unit.  So wherever you buy it, make sure you can return it if need be.

One of my first headsets was a Motorola H700.  It is an on the ear fit.  And I have never found one that comfort wise I like as much.

Now the H700 is very dated.  You can find them “new” on the internet as low as about $20.00.  But beware, they are counterfeited like crazy!

Now, the H700 did a horrible job with wind noise.  Motorola does not make it anymore.  It has been replaced with the H720.  If you did not read the model numbers you could not tell them apart.  The H720 does a better job with wind noise.

I’m sure everyone has heard of the Motorola brand.  So lets talk about some you may not have head off.

I’ll start with GNNetcom/Jabra .  This is a great company for low, mid priced, and higher end units.  One model the Jabra Stone to me is the most comfortable headset in the in the ear style.  It is also fairly good at noise canceling.  The neat thing is it fits into a round charger base that has a built on battery.  So you charge the small Stone base and take it with you!  It comes in black or white.  At this time it is made for right ear wearing only.  This is one that is really with checking out if your looking for comfort, good sound, and lots of battery life.

While we are talking about Jabra, if your into stereo headsets, you have go to check out the Jabra Halo.  This unit rocks with great sound for all your Bluetooth music enjoyment, or movie watching, or gaming.  But if you get a phone call, no big deal!  This unit is a complete Bluetooth headset with microphone.  So you can simply take that phone call, and not miss a beat.  If you need a corded unit, it even has a cord that it connects to it if needed.

Check out Jabra’s full line.  You will find a good price range of headsets, and their higher end units are very good at noise canceling.

In fact we have always enjoyed the stuff Jabra has sent us to test.  I have always found it easy to use.  And we commend Jabra to for getting away from proprietary jacks and plugs.  As such we give Jabra the A-OK award for doing thing right.


The A-O.K. Award is awarded to products or services that are just that: A- O.K.. So, what makes them A-O.K.? Easy they just simply have to do exactly what they claim to do, and be easy to use! Now if your thinking, come on, any thing can win an A-O.K., award, then think again. When was the last time you paid good money only to find out the damn thing won’t do what it claimed, or you had to spend six days on the phone with tech support to get it to work. Makes you want to kill someone! So, it really is nice when you pay your money and you get an A-O.K. product!

Another company with some innovative headsets is BlueAnt

One of the interesting things about BlueAnt is as they improve the software that runs their headsets, all you the consumer have to do to get the “Improved” upgrade is to connect to the internet and download the update to the headset.

The BlueAnt Q1 is an impressive headset.  It has excellent noise canceling.  But were BlueAnt makes this and their other Headset stand out is in the voice control and voice interface.  Want to know how to set it up with your phone?  The unit will talk you though it.  Want to know the battery strength of you phone and headset?  Just ask it, and it will speak it to you.

The Q1 would have gotten the A-OK award from us, accept one small thing.  It uses a proprietary charger cord and plug.  Making it less covenant then units that take a standard USB type plug.

I hope that in the future they will make new models with a standard connector.

They have several models, including some designed specifically for “Droid” phones.

They have recently revamped their line of Bluetooth speaker phones.  We have not yet seen the “new” model, but based on past units I’m sure it is a killer.  Check it out at:

Now if noise canceling is an extreme importance to you, and you have some hard to control background noise, or high wind areas, it is hard to beat this next company.

Unless you are a professional musician you most likely have never heard of this company.  It is Sennheiser.

Sennheiser has a history in making some incredible professional microphones and headset for musicians.  They have now entered the Bluetooth headset market with their EZX-60  This unit is one of the best noise canceling headsets we have ever had the opportunity to use.  We put it to the test with driving with the windows down, and standing outside on one of our locale 40 mph windy days.  The folks on the other end only head us, and not the wind!

Now the EZX-60 is not the cheapest headset on the market at around $80.00 street price, but it is one of the best noise canceling headsets we have tested.  As such it gets the Editors Choice Award from BizNet.

Editors Choice?  Simply put, we the Editors at BizNet OnLine Magazine, give the Editors Choice Award to any product that we personally

If your money is tight, you may want to look on the internet for not so “new” headsets.  Now in this case we mean not the latest and greatest, but instead look for “last years” models so to say.  It is a good why to get more if your budget is tight.

Now in years past headset manufactures seemed to have a thing for a different plug for every headset.  So if you lost the “plug” for charging it, you had to buy a new cord from them.  And they never mad them cheep.  More and more headset manufactures are going with standard connectors like Mini or Micro USB.  That is good, because replacing a lost charger cord is cheep and easy.

Unfortunately some manufactures are still keeping to using unique or hard to replace connectors.  So keep this in mind as if you loose that cord, it will cost you.

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