OK, What Company Really Gives The Best Cell Phone Service?

By Mike Lipshultz

The short response to that is, It depends, they all Suck, or they are all good!

I have personally used Cingular, Nextel, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Circlet, and others.  And I have had issues with all of them.  Why?  Is it because these companies are bad providers?  Or they have poorly trained people working for them Or???

Well to be honest I have never found a provider that does not piss off a large number of their customers.  It has more to do with customer relations then the actual equipment and cell phone service.

BizNet OnLine Magazine is located in a rural area, so we don’t have as many choices of  providers that have a office location that we can go to in person.  That leaves us to do it all over the internet or by phone.  And that is not the best solution when it comes to getting good customer service.  You see, by phone or internet you kind of get who ever you get and there is less accountability.  But when you walk into a physical location and talk to someone face to face, there is more accountability.  And most importantly the folks at the physical location know the local market better.  And knowing it better lets them service your needs better.  They will know better then some customer service person in another county as to what works in your area, and what they really can and can not do. Hopefully they will be professional and help you with your needs.  Even if it is to be honest and tell you they are not the provider for you, putting your needs before making a sale.

A short time back we where looking to switch our Iden serves phone on Boost Mobile to another service.  Iden was simply to unreliable in our area, and the walky-talky feature was something we did not use.  But we had to keep the phone number assigned to that phone.  In most cases switching the number to another company is no big deal.  You simply “Port” the number to the “new” service.  In our case it was a disaster……

We wanted to go with Cricket Wireless.  We had our eye on their service for sometime. But they did not offer service here, and we could not get a phone sent to us.  But they expanded their service and now had service in our area.  Their coverage map showed great service in our area.  And they were $5.00 a month cheaper then Boost Mobile.  But like Boost Mobile they had no physical locations in our area.  So we had to do it online and over their 800 #.  Things went great.  We asked all the questions we needed, etc. We got a great deal on a phone, setup, and first month of service.   We made sure they could port the number and the phone could be set up in our area.  Yah, right…… Total BS.  Long story short.  We wasted about 4 days and 20 or 30 hours trying to get the phone set up for “our” area, and the number ported out and more.  Turns out because they can’t provide a “locale number, they can’t port the number we needed.  Also as they only have service in our area, but don’t really have the locale market set-up, the phone ended up thinking it was in a market in another state.  The nightmare was that none of their customer service folks really knew any of this.  They all thought it could be done.  And I’ll tell you the situation was so much worse then I’m making it sound.  The point of this is not that Cricket is a bad company with really bad service, but that if I had had a locale office to deal with, none of that would have happened.

Like all Cellular providers, I can tell you that Cricket has folks that love them, and folks that hate them.  Remember I told you… They all suck, and they are all good.  It just depends on what you need from them, and what they can provide.  In the long run, if you have to rely only on phone or internet support, Vs., in person help, you are not going to be happy, and at some point you are going to want to kill someone over the bad customer service you are getting.

So , the most likely best Cellular service providers for you are the ones that have a physical location in your area that you can talk to in person.

If no one has a store in your area, then ask folks around you who do they use.  Are they happy, etc.  Then go to forums like the Howard Forums and read over what folks say about the different providers.  Ask questions there about if you can use the service you want to use, in the way you want to use it.

In this world there is no one best provider, only the one that best meets your needs, and only you know your needs.  What is most important to you?  Price  Coverage?  Voice?  Data? Easy to use phones?  Or really fancy high tech phones?  So after you figure out what your most important needs are, you can then look for the provider that best meets your needs.  Who knows it may be Cricket!

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