Cutting Down On Transportation Cost.
Do You Really Need The “Auto Club” ?
By Mike Lipshultz

How is this for a short article… No, you do not need an “Auto Club” membership!  I have been a member of the AAA Auto Club for a very long time.  Until just this year when I

decided it was not worth the $140.00 a year I was paying them.  Now, I’m not going to tell you, you don’t need road side assistance for things like a dead battery, flat tire, or other break down.  You do.  But in a lot of cases you can get it a LOT cheaper.  How much cheaper?  I found out I could add road side assistance to my insurance coverage for just $5.00 per year!  And for the other service I used to get from the “Auto Club”, well for maps I have the internet, and  a GPS unit.  For DMV services I have the internet, or a local DMV.

So you can see how easy this was for me to make the switch.  As for you, well talk to your insurance company and see what they have to offer, and make up you own mind.

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