Pirates Vs. Knights!
The Great Dinner Theater Shoot Out!
By The BizNet Crew!

“We” must confess this article has been hard to write.  You see “We” though that “We’ would like one much better then the other, but, when to comes to Pirates Adventure Dinner Theater, or Medieval Times Adventure Dinner Theater, there is no looser.  They are booth great!.....

So lets get back to the beginning of things…….

Hopefully you have read our article “How To Let That Special Customer Feel Special ”, if not please read it, as that is where this story was born.

You see in a far, far, far away land called Buna Park California is an adventuress place. A Magical place… In fact there are several of them, for Buna Park truly is a special place!  It is home to Pirates Dinner Adventure  http://www.piratesdinneradventure.com and Medieval Times Dinner  and Tournament  http://www.medievaltimes.com .

And the “We’ of this article is Myself (Mike Lipshultz) along with Tyler Harwood, and our Special Consultants Kristen age 11, and Shannon age 10. And well “We” can’t decide on the one we liked the most!  “We” keep saying great things about both shows!

What this means to you is no matter the one you select, you or the person you give the gift of the “Adventure” to, they will have a great time.

Now the shows are completely different.

Pirates Dinner Adventure  http://www.piratesdinneradventure.com is well a “Pirates” based show.  The story line is based on a group of Prates.  But the show has lots to keep everyone entertained.  Lots of great singing, some dancing, even some aerial work.  And a lot of audience participation, not just cheering or booing, but audience members being able to be part of the show.
Medieval Times Dinner  and Tournament  http://www.medievaltimes.com . Is a show based on Knights, Horses, and well Medieval times.  Lots of Cheering and Booing, from the Audience.  A really great display of Horsemanship!  And lets not forget the Joisting! And Sword play.

But how do you decide between the two?  How do you know the one the gift recipient would enjoy the most?  Well, again, “We” can’t conceive of anyone not liking either show.  However if you take the time to get to know your client ( or the person receiving the gift of the show) then you will have an idea of the show that fits them better.

So lets talk about those differences in the two evenings.

On walking into the Pirates show the first thing you see are little kids running around having the time of their lives.  Playing with toy ( foam) swards from the gift shop.  You will even see a little girl or two in a “Princess” type costume.  So if you hate seeing little kids going nuts having fun fun fun… This is not the place to be.  Also as you stand around waiting for the show to start and to be seated, attendants in costume walk around with appetizers/ Hors d'œuvre to snack on ( Chicken Fingers, Meatballs, stuff like that).  Also there is a Bar should you wish to partake. All this creates a very good energy of fun in the room, and folks that are not together start talking to each other.  In short the “room” feels very warm and welcoming.

On walking into Medieval Times the big difference is the feeling of the room.  We did not see any kids running around.  None in costumes.  The room was in fact much quieter.  Much more sedate.  It was like “Pirates” was a place to run around and be noisy, and Medieval Times was a place to be sedate and show respect.  They also have a Bar. Now as the performers came out to address the “audience” and get them ready for the show, the energy level in the room came up, and the crowed loosed up, and was getting into it more.

Now this “difference” is part of “what” made this story hard to write.  “We” can’t figure out why the little kids acted so different in the beginning???  Both are exciting places.  Both sell Swards in the lobby gift shop. And both shows are great for young and old.  And during the shows everyone was having a great time.  So why the energy difference… Heck if we know.  But if you have a client that you know hates being around little kids that are running around and having crazy fun (and we all know a few folks like that) then send them to the Medieval Times show.

Things to complain about… Well really no complaints.. If I had to be very nit-picky and over critical, I would say I liked the fact that at Pirate’s they give you a Picher of drinks.  At Medieval you have to get a refill from your server.  At Pirate’s the seats are chairs so you can adjust your leg room.  At Medieval Times your seating is fixed in place (very comfortable) but short on leg room for anyone over 6 feet tall.  But like I said this is with trying to find fault with the shows.

So, if you have a tall client, play it safe and go with Pirate’s. 

If you have a client that is into horses or their children are, they will love the Medieval Times show.

Again, get to know your clients, build that relationship with them.  But if you’re just not sure which of the two shows to go with, then try flipping a coin, because both shows are great.  Or better yet, be a sport and send them to both shows and have fun when you ask them which one they liked the best!  I’ll bet they will end up going on and on about both shows.  And remember, the more they remember the show, they more they will remember the fact that they have you to thank.

We now present to you “their” promo videos:

Medieval Times Dinner  and Tournament  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BwkkqvAHkKM

Pirates Dinner Adventure  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKSANTA9TxY

Let me guess after watching the Videos your ready to go to both shows!

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