Got Cell Phone?  Or Need Cell Phone?
You Need To Know about This Company
By Mike Lipshultz

Are you in need of replacement Cell phones?  Don’t want to pay full retail?  Or do you have a bunch of old phones and want to turn them into cash?  Then you need to know about  Full Circle Wireless .

I am so impressed with this company I’m just jumping ahead and giving them the BizNet Winner Award!

The Winner Award is given to products or services, that are just that, Winners! So, what makes a product a Winner? Lots of things. It can be as simple as making you or your business look like a Winner or as complicated as being so new and innovative that it solves long standing problems. A Winner can even be an old problem solver, or a basic product that has been around for some time but is now being offered at such a super price that it can now be a Winner for even the Guy or Gal on a budget.

The folks at Full Circle Wireless not only sell used Cell phones, they also buy them.  So lets talk about the selling part first.

Though there web site at they sell used cell phones.  From ones in mint/excellent condition, on down to “parts” phones.  Well I know what I consider to be a item in mint, or good, or fair condition, but what do they consider?  Based on the condition of the Palm Treo Pro I received from them, that was rated in Fair condition, I have to say that they are very careful in the grading of their phones.  I have seen phones from other companies rated in excellent condition, that were not as nice as the one from them in “Fair” condition.  The phone cost me $20.00 and came with a Battery and A/C wall charger.  All of their phones come with a 30 day warrantee.

If you do have an issue with one of their phones, just call and they will ship you a replacement out, and ask you to return the bad one to them.  Yes! Real Customer Service!  They send you a replacement and wait for you to send back the “bad” phone!

They not only sell older phones like the Palm I got from them, but they have “new” models to!  If a phone has been on the market for around 3 months, most likely they may have it for sale.  Keep in mind their inventory can change daily.

I’m sure what ever your phone needs are, you can’t go wrong giving these folks a call.

Now for the other side of the coin… Selling phones.  If you have phones for sale, give them a call. If you are connected to a organization and are looking for a way to raise some funds, they have a great phone recycling program.  You and your organization help to keep old phones out of landfills, and you can make some money for your organization.  They make it supper easy.  They send you collection boxes to you that you can put your signs on.  When the boxes are full and need to be returned, the same box turns into a shipping box.  Preaddressed and shipping paid.  Just send it off to them.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell cell phones this company makes it easy.  They have great Customer Service.  Friendly employees, and a true desire to earn your business!

That is why the got the Winner Award!

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